About Exposure LinQ

With the industry of exhibiting well established as a global market place Exposure LinQ fills the gap where exhibitors feel lost while finding the right resources to get their job done. Rules and regulations remain very diverse and complicated per country still. Even more so are the habits and procedures of (local) suppliers. These can be stressful and too time consuming for many. Exposure LinQ brings you relief in various critical areas. Committed exclusively to our customers we’re averse to outside influences like suppliers or vendors. All of the savings we negotiate are yours only as we live by our motto: “Transparency First”. With Exposure LinQ you’ll be on time and always within budget. Knowledge is key.

Exposure LinQ, over 35 years of experience with creative design and management of countless events worldwide is your helping hand, your team’s extension. With our knowledge we’re literally able to minimise overspending and meticulously watch over time management. And this transparent process we gladly share by means of our cloud based “ROADMAP” which can be viewed from any browser.

Keep track of your event in the cloud

Keep (on) track of your events and login to your cloud based “ROADMAP”. At any time, from any place through the comfort of your webbrowser. Stay well informed and be assured that Exposure LinQ is efficiently overseeing all of your projects. With your personal login and password you can easily track the progress of all your projects handled by Exposure LinQ. View the project timeline, attend or view (online) meetings, review project related documents and invoices. Like we mentioned before: Transparency first!


  • +35 years of international experience in creative exhibit design and project management.
  • We offer global support for your events all year round. Unburdening you. It’s not just a phrase, it’s our attitude.

We do what we say!

  • 100% transparency for all your events. Time- and budget tracking through your personal cloud based “ROADMAP” overviewing all of ‘your’ events. At any time, from any place.
  • We shield you from unwanted surprises, during and after. Going over budget is a thing of the past.


Exposure LinQ code of conduct

The four guidelines that constitute our code of conduct reflect our company values.
These four guidelines are as follows:

  • We comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • We are committed to providing transparent working processes and safe working environments.
  • We respect one another and the environment.
  • We conduct business fairly and honestly.


Please use the contact information boxes on the left.  Add your contact details and requirements for your upcoming events. We’ll contact you within 24 hours after sending your request. Your information will not be shared and remains strictly with Exposure LinQ only.

**Note that the standard language at Exposure LinQ is English for all communications outside The Netherlands.